Every home provides unique opportunities for landscape design.  Here is an example of a sample landscape plan.

color planting design web

Our design philosophy is based on five principles:

Balance continuity with variety  – For instance, a cozy cottage might lend itself to a lot of variety, but other more modern styles require a blend of continuity and variety.  For instance an alternating pattern of the same leafy plant with the same spiky plant has both continuity and variety.

Use vertical elements and layering – Along a fence, we might use three rows from front to back with the first row being low ground cover, the second row being small shrubs and the back row being taller slimmer trees.  With masonry, we might put a spa elevated slight above and behind a swimming pool.  This provides a progression that is good to the eye.

Draw the viewers eye to central features – For instance with a front yard, we might use color on either side of a walkway just below the front door.  This draws the eye to the door and looks clean and elegant.

Use plants that thrive, are disease free and require lower maintenance – We are knowledgeable on which plants are disease free in Southern California, how much water and maintenance certain plants may need.  For instance some grasses produce debris that needs to be periodically remove and others do not, we will guide you to the lower maintenance choices.

Emphasize transition to nature – Using earth berms, rocks or layering we will help you integrate your landscaping with the shape of your lot to give it a smooth and natural look.